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Asoka Theme Piano Score

Asoka Theme - Piano Score / Piano Sheet Music / Instrumental Cover

This Piano Cover Version of the Classic Theme Song from the Bollywood movie "Asoka" is a beautiful and emotive New Age interpretation of the original soundtrack. It is a perfect piece for relaxation, meditation, and focus. The gentle melodies of the piano blend with the haunting strings to create a unique and captivating listening experience. This piano cover of the Asoka Theme is sure to bring a sense of peace and beauty to any setting.

Asoka Theme - Piano Cover by Basiel Jozey


Asoka Theme - Piano Score

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Asoka Theme (Instrumental) - Original Version

Asoka Theme (Instrumental) · Sandeep Chowta

Asoka (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Released on: 2001-09-20

Actor: Shah Rukh Khan

Actor: Kareena Kapoor

Actor: Danny Denzongpa

Actor: Hrishitaa Bhatt

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