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Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of
emotional piano music

Audio Mixing, Mastering & Piano Themed Western Music Production

Photo of Basiel Jozey
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♪  Independent Musician / Pianist

♪  Original Piano-Themed Compositions

♪  Cover Versions of Popular Songs

♪  Music Producer

♪  Mixing Engineer

♪  Experienced in Logic Pro, Cubase Pro, Studio One, LUNA

♪  Playlist Curator in various online streaming platforms

Robert Steven Hunt

“Stunning, beautiful music, you have an amazing gift. Thanks for sharing it with the world. Keep up your fantastic work.

I wish you every success with your musical journey.

Greetings and best wishes from England. God Bless!”

Cathy Colorado

“This is so awesome...beautiful... I could listen and rest for hours...”

G Thomas Denmark

“Amazing rendering! Your voice and music lifted me to an inexplicable experience combining emotions of gratitude, joy, peace, comfort and assurance.

I have been listening to your song again and again. Each time you come into my heart as an angel of peace and tranquillity. You have become a blessing to me, dear Basil.”

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