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Audio Equipments

My Services

Instrument Session Work

Piano / Keyboard background scoring for your song sessions.

Sound Designs

DAW Stem Editing

(Logic Pro, Cubase Pro, Studio One, LUNA)

Audio Editing & Post Production

Editing can be purely for audio (for example audio podcasts, music CDs etc.) or it can be for a video

Songwriting (Instrumental Part)

Instrumental songwriting services for your project, featuring custom compositions tailored to your needs. Beautiful piano melodies for your Single Track or Album.

Audio Mixing

Adjusting and combining individual tracks into a final track (Stereo), whether for audio production, film or other digital media. 
Tonal Balancing 
EFX (Reverb, Echo, Delay) 
Stem Mixing

Record, Edit & Mix Audio

As a Recording Engineer, I offer professional audio recording services to help capture your sound.

I can come to your preferred studio, and work with you to ensure that the sound is just right


Processing the ‘Audio Mix’ into its final form so that it’s ready for distribution.

Polish your mix to its finest presentation.

Label song names, add UPC/EAN codes, CD-Text, and ISRCs


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