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Shepherd of My Soul

Shepherd of My Soul - Chords & Karaoke

Song Writer (s):

Marty Nystrom

Date Updated:

23 Feb 2024



Time Signature:




Song by Integrity's Hosanna! Music and Marty Nystrom

"Shepherd of My Soul" ( Martin Nystrom ) Vocal Cover

Original Songwriter: Martin Nystrom (Marty Nystrom)

Lead Vocal: Rintu Basil

Background Music Scoring, Recording & Mixing: Basil M Jose


Audio Streaming


Karaoke Version

"Shepherd of My Soul" ( KARAOKE ) - Lyrics + Chords

Shepherd of My Soul Karaoke with Lyrics - Key of D Major


Karaoke Audio Download


Karaoke Audio Streaming


Shepherd of My Soul, Covered by Various Artists

Marty Nystrom - Shepherd of My Soul (Live)


SHEPHERD OF MY SOUL cover English, Tamil, Hindi & Telugu

Shepherd of My Soul Cover Ft. Deborah Doris Fell (English)

Aathma Meitpanae Cover Ft. Sheba Kingston (Tamil)

Mera Charuvaha Cover Ft. Pradeep Grasion (Hindi)

Naa Aatma Kaapari Cover Ft. Jacinth Karem (Telugu)

Shepherd of My Soul | Manuel Bless | Cover


Shepherd of My Soul Karaoke

Shepherd of My Soul Chords

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